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Latvia – Latvia Investment Visa

Latvia which is officially known as the Republic of Latvia is a country with a democratic parliamentary structure situated in the Baltic region in Europe’s North. It shares its land borders with Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus and by a coastal border to the west with Sweden.

A unique feature that stands out in the case of Latvia when students need to research about study in Latvia is that the education is administered at three levels: The national, municipal and institutional. The policies regarding education are formulated by the Ministry of Education & Science and the elected members of the ministry.Academic programs for higher education are based on the fundamental and applied science. Typically, they constitute a thesis at the end of every stage whether at the bachelor’s or the master’s. Although the structure and system seems to be complex to an outsider, the system ensures a tight framework that ensures that the graduate enters the professional world with the highest degree of competency thanks to the provision of study and research in Latvia this is applicable to both levels of higher education in the country.

Why Study in Latvia?
The major reason why you should study in Latvia is the affordable education. The tuition fees and other living costs are lower as compared to several western nations. Engineering study in Latvia is very popular and the universities here are famous for producing high quality engineering and IT graduates. Latvia also has EU membership, so a degree from here is equivalent to that from any other EU country. Latvia remains a wonderful country for studies abroad in Europe due to

  • Bachelor / Master/ Doctorate level Programs taught in English
  • Prestigious Globally Recognized Degrees
  • Government-approved Universities
  • Exchange semester or internship abroad
  • Attractive Tuition Fee
  • On-campus accommodation provided

Education Systems in Latvia
The education system in Latvia, like its culture, is best characterized by its openness to outside influences. The education system in Latvia is also heavily involved in multi-national cooperation in the field of education and research, with the aim of further developing student competitiveness in both local and international job markets.

Types of higher education programs in Latvia

Higher education in Latvia sets a contrast between academic and professional higher education. Majority of the Latvian academic institutions offer both degrees.

  • Academic: programs under this category focus on enhancing one’s research skills, while providing a theoretical background for their career. These are built upon a fundamental and/or applied science and generally requires a thesis at the end of each stage, leading to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
  • Professional: these programs tend to be more vocational, with a focus on providing in-depth knowledge to prepare students in areas such as the improvement of systems and technologies, as well as creative, research and teaching pursuits in their field.

Latvian higher education institutions offer a diverse collection of courses, with the most popular ones being in the fields of Health Care, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Business and Administration.