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Immigration Visa

Any individual/family who wishes to get settled in any country other than his/her own, they are provided with an immigration visa i.e. the official permission to get settled in the country. An individual can apply for his/her family who will travel along with him/her, for no-objection travel. We are one of the best immigration consultants of Ahmedabad assisting several clients to achieve their dreams overseas.

The entire process of acquiring an immigrant visa of any country has several steps. Several documents have to be submitted within a given time duration. Along with the document list, they also have to submit some evidence that would support their PR (permanent residency) file and help in seamless visa processing. Only the perfectly prepared files can be executed further and you can get access to apply as the applicant. Perfectly prepared files have more probability to get approved. The applicant needs to be patient until the foreign consulates examine their case perfectly.

Immigration Visa Criteria

The applicant has to go undergo the selection procedure of that country has officially set. Age, qualification, language proficiency, work experience, financial sufficiency and also factors like spouse or family will calculate your entry points and get your PR visa. Perfectly presented files might make a positive impression on the consulate and he/she can easily decide whether to provide the PR visa or not.

Why Go for Immigration?

If any individual is granted a PR visa, he/she will receive all the benefits offered by the government of that country. Leveraging innumerable benefits on availing a PR of any country can bring several opportunities to settling. Every country has a different set of criteria that every individual applying to have to accept.

The preparation of the immigration file should be by the rules of that particular country. Australia, Canada, New Zealand are some of the most preferable countries people reside as immigrants. Citizenship and PR by Investment, PR visa has a fixed time duration and on completion of stipulated time, individuals will automatically get citizenship of that country. So, your preparation for a PR visa needs to be smart and perfect. Thus, your precisely done PR visa application will be your breakthrough for a new beginning.

We hold the title of one of the top immigration and visa consultants in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and relying on us for your PR visa simply means your process will proceed faster and in a more reliable manner. Be it Canada, New Zealand, Australia or the USA, our experienced team members will guide you in the entire process of acquiring an immigration visa from your dream country. We believe every individual is unique and so as their immigration needs.

Think Immigration, Think AFFINITY SKY World

Immigration is the ever trending topic for citizens of one country willing to settle down in another country. Even the need for immigration visas has increased rapidly from the past few years. If you have already decided which country to go for, you are good to go. But, if you are still confused about which country to select, visit our offices and we ensure to guide you thoroughly with every minute detail about the country and help you decide wisely.